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Here’s the Guide to Laying Your Ceramic Tiles Right

Installing tiles has never been a cakewalk. It requires a lot of professional expertise and is much beyond just placing them on the wet concrete flooring. Involving a lot of labor, it is a matter of calculation too. Though they are neatly packaged when you get them, laying is the part where you need extreme focus. 

So here are some points that you need to consider while you lay the tiles.

Arrange them symmetrically

It is extremely crucial to arrange the tiles on the floor in symmetry. This is majorly because tiles cannot be easily adjusted on the floor. At times, you also need to furnish them properly in order for them to adjust in smaller spaces. If required, the sharp edges also need to be given a rounded corner.

Avoid any gaps

Tiles always need to be installed over a subfloor that is not more than 1-⅛ inches thick. This will be best done if you have a prior basic idea of flooring. Even if there is a slight gap, there are chances for the corners to chip off, and the entire look can be further damaged. To not ruin the final look of your room, it is best that you let the professionals do the task.

Protect from damages

It is must to know the correct ways of laying the tiles or they will break the entire look and feel your space. There can be instances where the laborers will work inefficiently and in unprofessional ways to wind up the job soon. This will hamper the overall laying and application of the tiles and cause more damage. The tiles might chip, break or even collapse completely.

Leave it for sometime

After you apply the tiles, it is necessary that you leave them as it is. Start the application from the corner and end at a point from where you will be able to move out of the room easily. Walking over the recently laid tiles can hamper both their alignment and their positioning. Hence, it is always recommended to leave the tiles and the area alienated for a while after you have worked on it.

Céramique au Sommet ceramic tiles look their best when are installed by the experts. So, make sure you hire the right professionals to bring out their glam. There are varieties that are sure to leave you mesmerized.

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