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Designing the Layout of Your Hair Salon: Important Things You Should Consider

If you are planning to open a new salon, one of the important things you need to consider is the layout of the salon. The perfect salon floor plan establishes your business’ future. Salon layouts are matters you must not take lightly. For the layout to work, you must carefully plan it and invest in design salon de coiffure Lanvain. With careful planning and professional input, your salon’s employees and clients will flow in the right direction. Additionally, you must think about things such as waiting times, storage and display areas, client privacy, and staff comfort when planning your salon design and layout. Making changes later is difficult and expensive, so don’t make rash decisions and ensure you get it right. 

What to Consider When Planning the Salon’s Layout

When planning the layout of your salon, the following are important considerations:

  • Your budget. Ideally, you want to feel happy with the result of your salon layout. However, this doesn’t mean you should go too big. As you start a new business, you want to stay within your planned budget. You should always have funds ready for the unexpected. 
  • Your employees. Your floor space’s setup must provide your staff with enough room to work and sufficient storage. Examine how your employees will move between clients, from one area to another. 
  • What your salon needs. Make a list of these things in advance, so you can stay focused and easily decide on details such as salon equipment and future and when you must buy them. 
  • Daylight and windows. Do not block natural light if possible. Decide where your windows must be located to optimize salon lighting. 

Design Considerations

The layout of your salon depends on what it offers, the number of its styling stations, your employees’ needs, and other considerations. When making the best salon floor space, consider the following:

  • Reception area. You always want to impress your clients from the moment you enter your salon. So, ensure the salon has a reception desk and a waiting area that does not feel cramped.
  • Stylist chairs and styling stations. Estimate the number of styling/cutting stations your salon can accommodate and the number of chairs your stylists need.
  • Shampooing area. Consider planning for around 10 percent of your salon floor space for the shampooing area. 
  • Retail. No matter the size of your floor plan, reserve around 20 percent of the floor area for retail. 
  • Office space. The amount of office space you need depends on the needs of your business and the overall floor plan. 

Other important considerations to keep in mind when designing your salon floor space include the bathroom, staff room, storage, and a back bar. For a successful floor plan, hire an architect to design it. 

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