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Air Ducts Should Be Regularly Cleaned or Not In Montréal Canada 

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has recently given a warning that our indoor air is two to five times more polluted as compared to the air outside. All these impurities that are normally present in our indoor air may get recirculated again and again through Provincial Air Conduction Networks or in French they say Nettoyeurs Provincial de Conduits d’Air.

As a result, the air present indoors may harm our family. Therefore, besides regularly getting our ducts cleaned by any licensed HVAC contractor, should we get our ducts cleaned much more frequently than usual?

As such, duct cleaning may not actually prevent any health problems. Also, no studies available conclusively demonstrate that dust levels in your home in Montréal Canada may increase due to dirty air ducts. Because the majority of dirt present in air ducts will adhere to duct surfaces that may not necessarily enter our living space. 

Therefore, it will be important to remember that any dirty air ducts can only be one of the possible particle sources that must be present at home. 

Any pollutants that can enter your home in Montréal Canada both either from outdoors or any indoor activities like cleaning,  cooking, smoking, or even moving around may cause much more exposure to contaminants as compared to dirty air ducts. 

You must clean the air ducts within your home in Montréal Canada if there is considerable mold growth seen inside the metal surface of ducts or on any other components of the heating/cooling system. Many important points must be understood about mold detection in our heating/cooling systems:

  1. Most sections of the heating/cooling system are not fully accessible for a proper inspection, hence you need to ask your service providers to first show any presence of mold.
  2. You must be aware that a substance may appear like mold, but you can only confirm whether it is really a mold can be done only by certain expert, and hence it may require certain lab analysis for confirmation.
  3. In case, you have fully insulated your air ducts and if the entire insulation gets fully wet or even moldy then it cannot be cleaned effectively and must be removed and also replaced.
  4. Mold growth can reoccur in Montréal Canada if the conditions that cause the growth of mold are not corrected.

If you ever go for cleaning of your air ducts, you must take a few consumer precautions that you normally should do like assessing the competence of the cleaning service provider.

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