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Richmond Décor: 5 Classic Rugs That Will Bring Out the Traditional Aesthetic in Your Home 

Dating back to the late 19th century, the Richmond District of San Francisco has a long and rich history. This history and well-earned charm are evident today in the town’s enchanting boutiques, parks, restaurants, museums, and art locations. Living in Richmond District, San Francisco, can feel like stepping back in time and getting a hug from your grandmother, except the district also features many modern amenities and conveniences. If you want to bring this Richmond charm into your home this year, consider these exquisite traditional rag styles that will add rustic elegance to your house.

Oriental Rugs

Many homes for sale in Richmond District San Francisco are usually decorated in the traditional style, which means they often feature a conventional rug. The Oriental style is a popular option in many such homes and gets its name from where the rugs originate – Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. Oriental rugs are made from natural materials like cotton, silk, and wool and usually feature bright colours, intricate designs, and a soft, warm texture. When picking out décor to match your Oriental dug, find something that complements rich colours like gold, green, blue, and red and bold prints like floral shapes, animal motifs, and geometric patterns.

Aubusson Rugs

Aubusson rugs originated from France and are famous for their elegant textures, intricate floral patterns, and pastel colours. Their look lends an air of class and sophistication to any space, which is why they are a common feature of master bedrooms, dining rooms, and formal living rooms. Aubusson rugs are usually weaved and ornamented using techniques that mimic tapestry and embroidery.  

Turkish Rugs

Turkish rugs are usually hand-woven from high-quality natural materials like silk and wool. They are known for their Islamic calligraphy, floral patterns, curvilinear motifs, soft textures, bold colours, and intricate designs. While available in many sizes, these rugs are most commonly displayed in the large size for living room floors or small size as a doormat.  

Kilim Rugs

Typically flat-woven from silk, cotton, or wool, Kilim rugs are traditional rugs famous for their diamond patterns, stripes, geometric shapes, and bold, colourful designs. They are lightweight and flexible, often finding multiple uses within a living space. You can use Kilim rugs as wall hangings, floor coverings, or picnic blankets. 

Persian Rugs

Persian rugs originated in Iran and are usually hand-knotted from high-quality silk or wool. Because of how they are made, they are notoriously durable and long-serving. Persian rugs are also available in various shapes, patterns, and sizes, so you can go as rich and bold or soft and muted as you want. Persian rugs offer a lot of flexibility and work with many décor styles.

Explore Richmond Real Estate with the Mosaik Real Estate Team

Traditional rugs are a great way to bring your living space alive once you figure out how to buy a home in Richmond District, San Francisco. If you are still looking for the ideal home, contact the Mosaik Rea estate team to discuss your options, budget, and excellent amenities. The experts at this firm boast a keen understanding of the local market and will help you navigate Richmond District San Francisco real estate like a pro.

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