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Why Invest In Side Curtains For Your Home?

“The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.”

In this beautiful quote by Wendy Wunder, the author sums up our feelings about our homes, and how we feel a sense of comfort after we come back home from a long day at work. 

Home is our haven, it is a place where we can be ourselves. We bring together our home step-by-step, we get furniture, furnishings, curtains, appliances and so much more. Many things make a house our home. Curtains are an essential part of hour homes, which have a lot of utility. 

There are a variety of curtains available in the market today, and one kind that has been popular for decades now is side curtains. Let us explore more about side curtains and how they prove to be a great investment for your home.

What are “side curtains”?

As the name already suggests, külgkardinad are the type of curtains that are hung at the ends of the main curtains. This is done for various reasons. The fabric of the side curtains is thick and completely opaque, while the main curtain is supposed to be sheer or translucent. 

The main purpose of hanging two types of curtains is to control the amount of light and air coming inside the space while maintaining privacy levels. You can use the main curtain when you want light in your room, and when you want to completely block the light you can use the side curtains. 

Layering the curtains

Instead of hanging all curtains on a single rod, you can have two rods- one for the main curtain and the other for the side curtains. The level of both rods can be different, which can result in making your room look bigger. 

Another perk of doing this is it can decrease the load on one rod. The fabric of curtains is not exactly lightweight, especially for side curtains as they are thick. By having two rods, you distribute the weight of curtains, and therefore the load decreases. 

The layering of curtains also looks aesthetically pleasing. It looks sophisticated and can make your space look elegant. You can go for different fabrics, prints, or patterns to match the interior of your home. It is also very practical to have two sets of curtains if you are not tight on the budget.

Where can you install them?

Side curtains are an elegant choice for your home. You can have them in your living area, bedroom, or library. They look good in every room of your home and can serve a practical purpose with aesthetic purpose. 


To conclude, we can say that side curtains are a great investment if you are looking for something different for your home. You can check out more about them on Avaeksperdid where you will find plenty of options and reasons to install the side curtains in your space.

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