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What Makes a Kitchen Interior Pop?

Kitchen interiors need to be unique to the homeowner. You may have a beautiful home. Everything’s accounted for, a beautiful paint job, great design, etc. They all contribute to how guests feel in your home. However, your kitchen is the heart of that home.

Without a kitchen that perfectly fits your home, everything else will collapse. Here are some tips to get your kitchen’s necessities in order.

Finding What Sets Your Home Apart

Something makes your home thrive. Is it a vibrant color? The perfectly styled interior? Your matching kitchen and dining room set? Answer what your home’s signature feature is. Then, you can use that to create a thriving environment in your kitchen. This can be anything from a set of aesthetically pleasing paintings or a complete surface material shift. Subtleties in the details will set your kitchen apart.

The best route to get started from here is to begin a kitchen remodel customized to your needs. This doesn’t need to scrap the whole room and accessorize all of your needs. It can be as simple as changing one surface to better reflect sunlight in the room or changing a wall to a half-wall divider.

Which Countertops are Perfect for My Kitchen?

Material is the number one starting point for your kitchen countertops. Granite, marble, porcelain, and other materials all have their place. It’ll depend on what you’re expecting the kitchen to accomplish.

You’ll want to select based primarily on what each material does for the room. Does the material fit? Does it feel out of place with what else is available surrounding?

Then, take the time to consider how much attention you’re willing to dedicate to maintaining your surfaces. If you aren’t willing to take the time to keep your surfaces clean consistently, or expect the kitchen to be used constantly by a full house, granite is always a safe bet. Durable, built for the long haul, doesn’t take on damage easily, and is easy to maintain.

Pairing Kitchen Countertops With Cabinets

Cabinets are beautiful accents to your kitchen when stylized correctly. They need to be eye-catching. If your cabinets don’t fit the room, every other detail will feel off as well.

The best way to find perfect cabinets is to try different color schemes between the cabinets and countertops. When these two items blend perfectly, everything else will fall into place. The tile, for example. Your flooring surfaces will be easy to choose once you have an ideal cabinet and countertop pairing.

Try doing this by experimenting with vibrant hues. These may show you why you love the current design, or show you why it’s time for a change. Either way, you’ll feel more comfortable with the color you have.

Styling Your Appliances

Appliances are more of a secondary pairing to the kitchen, but they can definitely help your kitchen have more pop.

When you have your cabinets and countertops figured out, find if painting the appliances to stylistically fit them is a good option. Sometimes, this addition of color is overwhelming and puts the whole room off. You may want to veer away from complete cohesion in a simple color or style choice and align them together through similar styles rather than exactly the same. Again, this will come down to the needs of your project.

Vibrancy may pull attention away from other parts of the room, so may want to try adding this in a kitchen set for cooking instead. Or, you can add fun placemats and subtler additions. This won’t force you to commit to a long-term plan but still allows you to add a bit of flair. For more information you can visit Kol Marble & Granite page online.

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