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What is a Post top Lighting Application?

Post top lights are LED spotlights mounted on the sides of a post and aimed upward. They are used to light up and showcase architectural details or monuments like statues, buildings, or nature scenes. Posts can be wooden, steel, aluminium or concrete. Streamlined versions have no base but instead, mount directly to the ground for subtlety and economy.

Post top lighting installations can also include mounting brackets for security cameras, emergency call devices such as alarm systems, motion sensors for outdoor dimming controls and Bluetooth beacons to receive location-based messages from your smartphone.

What is the function of the post top lights?

The post top light is an LED spotlight of an exact height, width and length. It mounts on a vertical post or directly to a flat surface. By adjusting the angle of the beacon to your liking, you can create different lighting effects right there in front of your eyes. You can also change its brightness by moving it around within the post to attain precisely what you want. The size of the post top lights depends on the kind of installation and the location. The higher the bar, the brighter it will be and vice versa.

Using post top lights has several advantages.

  • Its mounting is flexible; you can adjust its height to the desired level.
  • It will generate an intense light beam that is bright enough to stand out.
  • Its solid base guarantees it won’t tip over and break quickly on uneven terrain or windy conditions.
  • It’s dimmable; you can adjust the brightness of the beams with ease and control it from anywhere you choose to be through your phone or mobile device.
  • The lights are ultra-efficient, which means that it consumes very little energy for their intensity and effect on your lawn at night or during the day, depending on the weather condition.

Which post top lights are the most effective?

Post top lights can be found in various sizes and designs, with the largest ranging from 100 watts to 2000 watts. They are available in multiple colours for both indoor and outdoor use. Both modern and traditional styles are available, and to make it easier for you, here is a list of the best choices in various ranges:

You might want to consider using lights with quality components such as Cree LEDs or Osram Flashlights for the best selection. The toxic product at high temperatures is made with premium components making it safer. It will also be more durable when exposed to weather conditions like rain, snow, etc.

The essential characteristics of post top lights.

The essential characteristics of post top lights are the raw power of the LED light source, and other factors include the durability and warranty of the lights your install. Other considerations are possible interference from other sources of electrical current and weather conditions that might affect the functionality of your post top beacon.


Post top lights can enhance your home, office, or property, and it is an affordable and practical way to light up your place for entertaining on a budget. Quality post top lights are available quickly, and there are several benefits that you can experience from them.

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