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Rental Market in Malibu Beach: Tips for Finding Your Beachside Retreat

Known for its beautiful beaches, scenic views, and celebrity residents, Malibu is one of the most desirable places to live in California. However, finding a rental in Malibu Beach real estate can be challenging due to limited housing inventory and high demand. Here are some tips to help you secure your perfect beachside retreat in this exclusive coastal city.

Malibu Beach real estate: Location, location, location

Malibu stretches for 27 miles along the coast, so consider which area best suits your needs. Central Malibu offers quick highway access and amenities like shops and restaurants. Trancas and Broad Beach provide a quieter setting near Zuma Beach. Point Dume has cliffs and secluded coves that are great for whale watching. Think about your ideal location before starting your search.

Start your search early 

Competition is fierce for Malibu rentals, so start looking as early as possible. Ideal times are November to February for summer rentals and May to August for winter. Sign up for listing alerts and check sites like Zillow and local real estate agencies. Be ready to view places and apply the same day rentals are posted. The faster you can schedule viewings and submit applications, the better your chance of securing your preferred place.

Come prepared 

In high-demand areas like Malibu, you’ll need to put your best foot forward. Have all required documents ready to submit with your application, including pay stubs, tax returns, credit reports, references, and application fees. Prepare a rental resume highlighting strengths like stable income, good credit, positive references, and ties to the community. Bring this info to viewings along with a completed rental application. Be ready to submit it immediately if you like the place. The most qualified, responsive applicants get approved, so have everything lined up in advance.

Consider a summer sublet  

If you’re looking for a short-term beach rental, consider subletting from a year-round local over the summer. Many residents travel and sublet their homes out. The benefits are greater availability and negotiable rates since it’s usually an informal arrangement and furnished homes. Check ads or native Malibu social media groups where owners post sublet availability from May through September.

Adjust expectations on space and amenities

Rental inventory is limited in Malibu, so you may need to compromise on size or amenities. Multi-bedroom luxury rentals get snatched up quickly, while studios and bedrooms are easier to find. Newly renovated, updated kitchens and baths may not be available either. Consider older properties or homes not renovated if the location and price meet your needs.

Cast a wider net  

If set on Malibu, expand your search to adjacent beach cities with easy access. Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades are ideal alternatives with more inventory and slightly better prices. Commuting from these lively areas allows you to enjoy Malibu beaches and seafood daily while benefiting from extra housing options. 

Living in Malibu Beach

The sun rises over the Pacific, casting golden rays on the sand. Surfers paddle out to catch the morning waves while joggers run along the shoreline trail. Smells of coffee and breakfast waves from beachfront cafes. Palm trees sway in the ocean breeze. Days are spent soaking up the sunshine, swimming, surfing, or relaxing oceanside with a good book. As the sun sets, beachgoers gather around fire pits under luminous skies. The endless summer awaits in this beach haven.

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