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How to Prepare Your House For Summer Fires

If you live in an area which is prone to bushfires it is imperative that you use this time to prepare for the dry, hot summer months. Time and time again we hear fire safety services talk about the best way to prepare your property for such an event. Sadly however, many people fail to heed the warning and they are often the ones who have issues with fires in the house. There is never a guarantee that you can completely avoid this kind of situation of course, but there are many steps which you can take that will help you to reduce the risk and improve the general safety of your home.

Start With The Perimeter

The first area of the home to pay attention to is the perimeter, as this is where most bushfires are able to breach the property. Make sure that you have no debris laying around the yard or the garden, which may catch fire. Additionally you should always ensure that you are using materials for fencing and decking which are fire proof. If you are in doubt about these materials then you can coat them in fire proof products which can help.

Roof Tiles

Replacing broken or missing roof tiles is not just about the aesthetic value of your home, this is also something which could keep your home safe. Research has shown that embers account for over 80% of all house fires from bush fires. Given the tiny space an ember needs in order to enter the home, it makes sense to fix any holes in the roof or the tiles ahead of the summer months.

Clean the Gutters

If you have gutters which are full of dried leaves and twigs then it won’t take much of a spark for it all to be set ablaze. This is why ahead of the summer months you should ensure that your gutters are completely cleared of this kind of debris.

Fire Safety Equipment

As we have mentioned, there are never guarantees that you can completely avoid a fire at home, which is why you have to ensure that you have looked into fire system installation. This includes equipment which you can use to fight fires when they start, alerts which will notify you when that happens and also a safe evacuation plan for you and your family. Prior to the summer months ensure that you have these items and that they are all in fully working order.

And finally it is critical that you have fully checked your home insurance policy. There are many people who fail to do this, assuming that the worst will not happen to them. Unfortunately a fire can happen to anyone, and in the event that it does, you will need to know that you have the right level of insurance to help you to recoup what you have lost. If you have irreplaceable items or documents then invest in a fire-proof safe in which to look after them.

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