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From Color to Kitchen Essentials: Hamptons Living Designs to Check Out

Soft coastal colors, easygoing decor, and light, airy interiors are trademarks of a Hamptons-style home, evoking luxurious summer mansions and leisurely days by the beach. Unsurprisingly, Perth locals like the relaxed luxury of Hamptons-style houses. The Hamptons portray a laid back, coastal elegance lifestyle with the traditional charm of an idyllic beach home retreat from New York. A Hamptons-style house is ideal if you like sophisticated indoor-outdoor living. Even better, it’s ageless, so it looks and feels amazing year after year.

Hamptons luxury real estate

So, what design elements distinguish a Hamptons-style home and make it so desirable? These five crucial aspects combine to create a gorgeous, unique house that embodies the Hamptons luxury real estate lifestyle.

Excellent outdoors

Outdoor living components are a crucial aspect that most luxury houses in the Hamptons have. These may feature enormous pavilions with fireplaces, complete outdoor kitchens, sports bars, barbecue areas, dining sets, other amenities, and magnificent outdoor lighting to complement the day. Living or visiting the Hamptons is all about outdoor life. What better way to finish a day at the beach than with a BBQ, watching the day’s golf game on a big-screen TV above the fireplace on the outdoor sofa as the sunsets over you along with your friends and family?

Beyond white color

Before buying a home in the Hamptons, know that the color palette includes a lot of white. Still, it’s supplemented with an interesting selection of tones that may reflect the historic appearance or express a more contemporary approach to color for Hampton living. Along with warm whites, you will get gentle blues and greens, neutral greys, and rock and sand tones inspired by nature. There are also chilled whites with blue-based greys and black accents for a more modern Hamptons appearance. Your kitchen counters might be in neutral tones or stylish gray or black. White is perfect for all windows, doors, ceilings, and skirting.


Most Hamptons luxury real estate properties have recreational amenities such as a swimming pool, bocce, basketball, pickleball, and tennis courts. The pool necessitates constructing a pool house, which may also host visitors and has its kitchen and bathroom. Beautiful brickwork, loungers, and even a mini-bar inside the pool house are all part of the pool experience. Tennis courts and pickleball courts are common features in Hampton luxury homes.

Shaker-style kitchens

A Hamptons-style home’s centerpiece is an open, friendly, and roomy shaker-style kitchen. The term is derived from its traditional woodwork with beveled edges. Its clean and basic appearance makes a beautifully efficient and elegant kitchen for any house, and the style can be carried over to the bathrooms and laundry. Traditional shell knobs on your drawers will add to the Hamptons vibe. The beauty of a Hamptons-style house is that many modern kitchen designs complement the major design components.

Weatherboard cladding

Weatherboard cladding, like a gabled roof, is characteristically Hamptons. It’s typically understated but creates clean, contrasted lines that complement white window frames and wood balcony railings. Cladding for Hamptons luxury real estate properties looks best in subdued and natural tones that compliment your house’s color scheme. Window shutters in contrasting colors, such as darker green or charcoal, add to the individuality of your Hamptons elevation.

If you are considering buying a home in the Hamptons, you should know the hallmarks of luxury living here. Purchasing any property is a significant investment, and you want to get it right first. As such, work with real estate professionals to find something that suits your needs while meeting all the luxurious aspects of living in the Hamptons. 

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